Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eating habits

Well, it's been 4 days since I started my new diet, um.....lifestyle! Since Saturday I've been counting calories. I'm using the MyFitnessPal app and so far so good. BUT, starting tomorrow, I'm going to switch to counting Weight Watchers Plus points. I want to see how I feel when doing both and then I will decide which plan I want to continue with.

For the past 4 days I've felt pretty good. I used My Fitness Pal to determine how many calories I need to stay under and I honestly haven't felt hungry and deprived at all. I've been eating as clean as I possibly can, but there are some things I can't give up. NUTELLA being one of them. OH.MY.HELL do I love nutella!! I used to just take the lid off the jar and eat it with a spoon. So instead, I've been measuring it out and I was surprised by how much a tablespoon really is. 1 serving of nutella is 200 calories for 2 TBSP. I measured it out and put it on a whole wheat english muffin and I was FULL. So full that I put the banana that I planned on having back in the fridge.

 1.) Whole Wheat English Muffin w/ nutella & banana 285 calories
2.) 1 cup fat free cottage cheese & 1 cup strawberries 209 calories
 3.) BIG Salad with cucumber, tomato, light italian dressing, salsa, cottage cheese 340 calories
4.) Roast (6oz)  with celery(4 stalks) & carrots(6oz) 418 calories
*just a few examples of some things I've eaten (not all in the same day LOL)

One thing I've realized over the past few days is that I wasn't necessarily eating alot before, I was eating the wrong foods. Alot of junk. Alot of fast food. I've pretty much went cold turkey on that crap. I'm actually finding it hard to eat 1,300 calories, but I know that I can't go any less than that. Once I start exercising alot more, I'll re-evaluate my calorie intake.

Just a few of my favorite foods right now. I don't eat the celery raw, I throw it in with crockpot meals. LOVE it cooked!

So, as of Saturday June 28, 2014, I gave up..........
~Fast food! No more quick runs through McDonald's, Culvers, DQ, Sonic......!
~Soda! No diet, no regular, none!
~Ice Cream.....oh my ice cream.....I would marry it if I could!
~Fried foods!
~Alcohol...for the most part. I may have a glass of wine every so often
~Candy! *except for the peanut butter cup I had yesterday. But I counted the calories for it*

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